We provide an alternative health care program, education to gain a better lifestyle, and to maintain good health utilizing God’s natural ways. The first thing you will notice at Eden’s Pathway Lifestyle Center is the welcoming you will receive when arriving. You will become part of our family. Eden’s Pathway is a gateway to rejuvenate your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We invite you to come and experience the refreshing of cleansing your body through natures remedies, God’s ways.

God has provided eight of nature’s greatest blessings which are the most effective remedies for disease; Fresh Air, Sunlight, Nutrition, Temperance, Pure Water, Exercise, Rest and most of all, Trust in Divine Power. Given the proper care, the body can maintain its natural state of well-being in which you will be educated.
We offer a stress free environment being surrounded by the peaceful nature where you will enjoy daily walks in the fresh air. You will feel closer to God and nature as you eliminate the toxins from your body. You will be healthier, relaxed, thoroughly cleansed inside and out, and educated in how to maintain the vigor and vitality in your newly cleansed body.

We guarantee you will not be the same when your visit with us is through.